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About Us

Our History Of Quality

Serving the needs of the airline industry means a dedication to quality and a commitment to reliability and flexibility. That's why CUSTOM PRODUCTS, INC., has been a premiere supplier of fabricated fireblocked seat cushions for over 42+ years.

From Concept Through Design & Certification to Manufacturing

Located in Mooresville, North Carolina, just outside Charlotte, our experienced staff provides turnkey service in engineering design, prototyping, certification, and lean manufacturing in the following areas:

  • Certified, Fabricated Fireblocked Seat Cushions
  • TSO Flotation Cushions (bottoms)
  • Upholstery/Dress Covers (with or without cushions)
  • Removal and Installation of Back Cushions on Seat Frames
  • Raw Cushions (foam only)
  • Cushion Design Assistance
  • FAA Testing for Flotation and Flammability
  • Armcaps (new and refurbished)
  • Complete Repair and Overhaul

Your Comprehensive Resource From the highest standards of craftsmanship to the most rigid certification requirements, CUSTOM PRODUCTS, INC. is your reliable partner, order after order.

Awarded Delta Airlines Supplier of the Year
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